Encouragement Messages to the Disheartened

In this world full of disarray the weary hearts tend to grow weary by the minute that determination and effort burs into insignificance. If your friend or a family member is down be that good person and back him up with his troubles be it personal or not, for this can restore their faith in themselves and, too, develop their resilience. One way of offering a helping had is handing them an encouragement message.

This type of message would give you a hundred percent assurance that preventing their souls to succumb into a graying world deprived with hope. In helping you out with your tasks this article gladly offers free encouragement messages to get the job done in no time. If you want your encouragement message to be unique, you can still use these sample messages as guidelines in composing your own.

  • Dear, Jonathan, I have been fully ware about your battles that have continued to pierce your strong armors and yet you continue to fight with hope being absent on your side. Allow me to inspire hope in your battles now and in the future for I do not have the heart which endures the sight of a friend in struggle. I know you can do all these tasks even without my help, but I am really here to support you in your struggles until the day I see you victorious over them. Have a good one, Jonathan.


  • Hello, little sister, I don’t mean to be a creep over your private messages in your cellphone, but I couldn’t resist my curiosity regarding what has caused your heart some troubles. As your older brother it is my greatest honor to aid you in whatever it is that you are facing even if your struggles are solely achievable by you. I know you can get through over this first heart break of yours and trust me you’ll ever regret having the relationship ended by your ex lover for I have gone through that phase and trust me the next lovers that come along in the future will treat you like how every girl should be treated. As of the moment, you can use my shoulder as a well to collect that fragile innocence that are your tears.


  • Good morning, buddy, let me state some things first before your cynical mind gets on the way and question why there is a good in my morning when it oughts not to be there. So many people have found the good in the morning and you will definitely find it if you search for it. I know that the struggles have continued to disfigure your spirit, but you need only see the positive in your struggles than focusing on your failures. Evaluate your status now from the state where you have started for there is enough reason to be happy and be filled with contentment. Don’t  be too hard on yourself for human as we are falter at times.


  • Hi, Jessica, another day has come so let’s  start this day with remembering the struggles we have gone through just to elevate us to where we are now. The rods we’d tread upon were easy to start with and I know you think of this rough road as endless for a smoother road has never manifested in your broad horizons. Well, maybe the rough roads will never end but I personally think smoother roads should not serve as basis for success. Instead it should be the skills in treading the rougher roads furnished in time to journey smoothly in your dreams. Keep up the good faith and see how well you’ve managed your projects and tasks.


  • To the most talented person I have known my entire life, Alex, your works have truly impacted the whole class with your poems and trust me the only heartbreak we look forward to is your next writing. The way you combat your depression has been a great help to others who are sad for they have also started writing for the mere purpose of unloading some weights their hearts can never carry. I know that you are down for I have hear about the infamous hearsay coming from the egoistic individuals. Trust me the praises you hear are genuine and never a flattery. Keep writing and good luck!


  • To my dearest, kid, I saw the results of the exam yesterday which gives you a rational reason to be disheartened and as a dad I truly understand what you are going through. It breaks my heart to see you in such a state knowing that it would take some time to recover yourself which I hope you’re really capable of it since you have been my most resilient son. Scolding you won’t do you any good for you are already down so let me help you speed up your recovery. It only takes a failure to realize our faults and that we must come up with a better plan to solve the problems.


  • Good day, young businessman, I see the cracks of your head noticeable from the bags under your eyes and sound of a coming depression from your sighs. Although weak in your  state, something within you radiates with a passion which the flares of it are never threatened from anything. This is why people admire you the most and look forward with doing some business with you because from the mention of your name alone a sense of relief can already be felt by them. No one ever doubts your skills and talent for we know that despite your struggles you always get the job done very well right before the deadline. Cheers and good luck.


  •  Hello, Lady Mae, I don’t know how you have managed to work with so much grace in everything when everyone in here already feels the imminent defeat of this company project. Our managers have bombarded you with a lot of tasks which are very impossible to achieve. I know your hopes have vanished into the thin air but when I looked upon the records of your tasks you’re already close to completion. These tasks are specially handed over to you for the manager knows that you alone have the skills to get everything done. We salute you for this so good luck.

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