Father’s Uplifting Messages to his Daughter

A father will always be a daughter’s first love. Fathers will always cherish their daughters, especially their first born daughter. Most fathers tend to spoil them while they are young even until their early teens. Dads may be guilty for doing things like these but it is only natural to spoil what we love most.

Fathers are also great for picking up their daughters’ mood, especially when the time comes when their daughters are feeling down. Fathers try their best to cheer them up.

However, daughters become very stubborn especially when they are down in the dumps. It would seem very difficult to talk to them face-to-face. Since no dad can afford to see their daughters in an unlikely state, here are some encouragement messages to help fathers from saving their daughters out of sadness’s reach. These messages may be sent through texts or written in cards so that you’ll have an easy way of reaching them when they don’t want to talk to anyone.

  • Whatever it is that you are facing, dearest, always know that your mother and I have your back. I urge you to persist and stand firmly in your choices for seeing you happy makes my heart smile.


  • If the reason of your sadness is caused, by a guy tell me his name and address. You have my assurance that when I get the chance to meet him, he will wish to run as fast as he can.


  • My distressed princess, you don’t have to wait for a prince charming to save you from the dragons. Your king will beat that dragon to death, and once your prince comes expect that I’ll have be asking him what took him so long.


  • With your troubles you can either run in fear or rise in power. If you run in fear, you can run to my arms and I will help you face your troubles. If you rise in power, I will be behind you for support. I refuse to see you defeated from anything that brings you sorrow while here I stand without providing help. Let’s get through this together.


  • Being moody doesn’t look good on you, sweetie, dress up and give your dad a tight hug. We’ll be stress-eating together tonight! Let’s order pizza and have chocolate ice cream for dessert.


  • Just so you know, darling, it is part of the scope of my paternal instincts to naturally sense when daughters are heartbroken. Dads can almost always hear a heart by the time it breaks. I cannot undo what has happened. So tell me who’s the unlucky guy I will have break so you may have a taste of vengeance.

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