Christian Engagement Messages

Christian engagement messages are the text messages that are exchanged within the Christian community and sometimes between a Christian and a non-Christian to inform and declare; the engagement of the couple.

Such messages are generally sent with bunny cakes and sweets.

Sample Christian Engagement Messages

  • I would like to invite you to the engagement ceremony of my son in the St.Sebastian’s church at 6 P.M this Sunday. Request you to attend the function and bless the couple with hope and love forever. Your presence is awaited.
  • With the blessings of Lord Jesus, we, Michael and Sylvia are getting engaged this Sunday. Request your gracious presence to make the event a grand success and help us to treasure the moments always.
  • Lord Jesus has always showered his blessings on me. On the special day of my engagement ceremony with Vivian, I request you to attend the occasion. Please be there at 5 P.M in St.Rosario Cathedral. Your blessings will make our life special!
  • It is a dream come true for us. With the blessings of Lord Jesus, we are getting engaged tomorrow. Hope you will attend the occasion at 6 P.M in St. Aloysious Church and help us in cherishing the happy moments forever. See you there!
  • Lord Jesus has blessed my daughter always. As she takes a new step tomorrow by getting engaged to Thomas, I request you to bless the couple for the immense happiness for the rest of their lives. Request your beautiful presence at St. Peter’s Church at 7 P.M.
  • Lord Jesus had laid his finest blessings on our children. We request the pleasure of your company on an engagement celebration of Martha with Joseph at St. Peter’s Church, this Sunday. Please be there to bless the couple with your kind wishes.
  • [blockquote]We solicit for your presence on the Christening of my daughter Eliza with her long time lover John. Please join us at St. Paul Church by 8:00 PM as the mass will begin at around 10:30 PM. We look forward to see you at the party.[/blockquote]
  • With the bountiful blessings of Jesus, Linda and Henry are getting engaged this Friday. We heartily request the pleasure of your company at Lady Church.
  • [blockquote]It would be our greatest honor to have you on christening on my daughter Giza with Tom, Sunday. The ceremonies would take place in Cathedral hall at 5:00 PM. Kindly mark your presence to bless the united couple with faith, hope and forever love.[/blockquote]


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