Engagement Anniversary Messages for Wife

Engagement anniversaries are celebrated when a couple completes defined years of their togetherness and engagement.

On such a day, engagement anniversary messages for wife are sent by the husband to his wife to relive the love memories and congratulate her for their bond.

These messages are written with a lot of love for a wife and are sent on the day of an engagement anniversary.

Sample Engagement Anniversary Messages for Wife

  • [blockquote]Hey sweetheart, I could not believe that we have completed five beautiful years of our engagement. I love you the same way as I used to do you before. Happy engagement anniversary.[/blockquote]
  • My engagement day was the most beautiful day of my life because that certified that you will be my wife. I am in deep love with you and I promise to be with you. Happy 10th engagement anniversary.
  • [blockquote]On the day of our engagement, when you were sitting by my side, I was so glad that you are soon going to be my bride. With you, my world has become so beautiful and you have made my moments so joyful. I love you and happy engagement anniversary.[/blockquote]
  • Two years back and today, I love you in my own special way. Happy engagement anniversary!

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