Engagement Engraving Messages

Engraving messages are not the usual hand written messages or the printable messages but are the engraved or fixed messages. Engagement engraving messages are such type of engraved messages that can be fixed in an engagement card, engagement party invitation card or engagement ring.

These messages are the usual engagement messages but are engraved on a particular thing.

Sample Engagement Engraving Messages

  • Come to me and be mine. We would be engaged and together we will shine. Join us on the engagement ceremony on 25th September at 8:00 PM.
  • [blockquote]Give me a thousand dollar kiss and I will tell you on our engagement day how deeply I miss.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Friends bring smiles. That is why this message reaches across the miles. You are invited to be a part of our engagement ceremony on 25th September at Hotel Lavender. Come and bless us for our merrier future.[/blockquote]
  • Want to know a secret? You are invited on our engagement. This call for a big party celebration and you are requested to mark your presence. We would be waiting to have you at the party night.
  • May the force of love be with us and you share with us our happiness. 

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