Engagement Messages for Son

To the parents, engagement of their son is one of the most desired and a happiest moment. Engagement messages for son are the text messages that are full of blessings and love and are delivered from parents to their son on his engagement.

Sample Engagement Messages for Son

  • Dearest son, we are so happy and glad because soon you will be becoming a husband. Your engagement has filled our hearts with happiness; we are waiting for your partner’s presence. Congratulations to you and our best wishes are always with you.
  • On your engagement, dearest son, we pray that you experience unending moments of joys, laughter and fun. From being two different souls, you are going to be one. We wish you good luck and convey our blessings on such a happy union. May GOD bless our children!
  • Son, since you are engaged, I want to tell you that it is your responsibility to be with your wife during each and every phase of life. May you both lead a happy and blessed life ahead, we are eagerly waiting for the day when you are going to wed. Congratulations on your engagement.
  • We wish to congratulate our dearest son on his engagement. This moment is surely a moment of great happiness and excitement. We thank you for completing our family by choosing such a wonderful daughter in law. Best wishes for your life!
  • Son, you have entered into the most important phase of your life where you have to hold the hand of your wife. Congratulations on your engagement, we are so happy for both of you.
  • [blockquote]Dearest son, on your engagement I pray to GOD that you get a strength of happy understanding and cooperation with your partner. I am very happy for you. GOD bless my child always.[/blockquote]
  • Many congratulations to my son who is soon going to be a husband of a beautiful lady. I am delighted to celebrate your engagement with a bash! GOD bless you dear.
  • [blockquote]May GOD bless my son for getting engaged and entering into a most important phase of life. I wish you share a purest of bond with your partner and have a wonderful life ahead.[/blockquote]
  • Congratulations dearest Son on your engagement. You have surely completed our family giving us such a wonderful daughter-in-law. I pray to GOD that you lead an enriching life today and forever.
  • [blockquote]Son, on your engagement I want to teach you that stay with your partner in every phase of life and your desires will be fulfilled. May GOD grant you happiness in whatever you do.[/blockquote]

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