Engagement Messages for the Newly Engaged

Engagement messages are composed to wish all the best in the aspects of living to the newly engaged couple. A close friend usually gets the chance to greet a friend who’s newly engaged by writing him this type of message. It comes with great necessity to compose engagement messages¬†using words for love poems and romantic novels or short stories.

This article offers sample engagement messages to help you create your very own. You may not write this in an engagement letter word by word for you might come up with ideas better than what is presented here. Using these messages as basis of your product will be surely helpful.

  • I congratulate you both for preparing yourselves in tying the knot. God only knows how happy you are right now and see the insignificance of creating heaven for you are already ¬†in it even before your afterlife. May your faith and loyalty be fortified with the forces of various love.
  • I am surely not the one engaged here but upon the announcement of your engagement I soared beyond cloud nine. May your engagement be filled with a series of blissful circumstances, and, too, may you pay everything with contentment and gratitude to whatever it is that comes along both of your sweetest relationship. Congratulations!
  • What is more pleasant to the ear than hearing your best friend’s engagement?! It has been one of life’s greatest pleasure to hear that you have finally found a man who’s willing to stain his armors for your sake. As your best friend, I am really proud about your situation and further wish you to be happy throughout this lifetime with him.
  • Good day, buddy, truth be told I thought you were a hopeless case when it comes to putting up with someone just to be with her for the rest of your life. I am even more shocked that someone has agreed to be engaged with you. LOL! Nevertheless I am so proud to have a buddy like you and how lucky your bride to be is for she has put up with someone who’s love runs the deepest when in love. Congratulations, buddy, live a happy life with your soon-to-be partner in life.
  • Congratulations, my dearest daughter, although I am greatly saddened by the fact that you have finally loved a man more than me, I am very much happy to live this life witnessing the radiant that is your smile. The guy you have introduced to us radiates an aura of sincerity and love, and I know that he will make you the happiest woman alive until he breathes his last for we have talked about it. May you both find happiness in the future, and win over obstacles ahead.
  • I’ve had it with mornings but when you announced that you are now officially engaged it felt like my morning has finally found the good in it. Waking up to a news such as this is extreme ecstasy. Thank you so much by the way for inviting me in your engagement party, and truth be told I still can’t get over the fact that you have finally found the one! Congratulations, and may you both lead a life of bliss.

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