Happy Anniversary Engagement Messages

Some people celebrate their engagement anniversaries as well. Of course engagement anniversary is a day to remember forever. On such a day, friends, relatives or family members sends happy anniversary engagement messages to the couple.

These messages are sent to bless the couple for many such years of togetherness and conveys sender’s happy anniversary engagement wish.

Sample Happy Anniversary Engagement Messages

  • It is so nice to hear that you have completed 10 beautiful years together. On your engagement anniversary, I congratulate you both for loving so dearly. Happy engagement anniversary.
  • [blockquote]Your engagement day would have been the best day of your life because it certified that Hannah is going to be your wife. Ever since then I have seen you both happy and together and I pray that you stay in love forever. [/blockquote]Happy engagement anniversary and May your love blossom forever.
  • 5 years back, I was a part of your engagement day. Till today, I feel so good that you love your wife in such a purest way. Here is my wish to say happy engagement anniversary and may your love forever stay.
  • [blockquote]Happy engagement anniversary to both of you. I pray to Lord that your bond always remains this strong and true. Stay blessed![/blockquote]

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