Humorous Engagement Messages

Engagement messages can be of many types such as love messages, invitation messages, romantic messages, and humorous messages. Humorous engagement messages are the messages that are framed in a funny tone and are sent on the engagement day.

Such messages are sent to create humor on engagement day and are sent to cheer the couple.

Sample Humorous Engagement Messages

  • Let the two of you be close to each other. Your engagement day is so near. You never know that you would be surrounded with so much fear so for now celebrate your singularity with a cheer.
  • [blockquote]I never knew that you will one day choose such a fine girl for you in the crowd of few. I always thought that your life would be passed flirting around but I am shocked that you would now be taking your matrimonial rounds. [/blockquote]Happy engagement to you!
  • Dear friend, I know you to the core. Your engagement ceremony would be a great fun and I won’t let your spouse get bored.  While you would be busy with some of your rituals, I would be then settled with your spouse well.
  • [blockquote]I still cannot believe that you will soon be married. You have one girl with you and before your love life were filled. Just joking, always stay smiling. Happy engagement. [/blockquote]

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