Cool Love Status Messages for Facebook

Cool love status messages for facebook generally refer to status update and posts on Facebook that proclaim love in a fashionable and witty manner.

Love in modern times is hardly represented in poetic phrases or such other traditional romantic manner; instead, it is spoken of as a cool statement.

Facebook being the most sought after social media, it serves as a platform to express love through cool love status messages.

Sample Cool Love Status Messages for Facebook:

  • Finally I come to know what love is; it sure is complicated!!!
  • [blockquote]When in love, be blind; but don’t lose the other senses!![/blockquote]
  • Love thy neighbor. How can you afford to go round the world searching for true love?
  • Love him who will love you back; for being in love is surely a beyond-the-world feeling, but being loved by that special person is even better.
  • I love you, in all seasons, in all colors, in all forms, and at all times.
  • [blockquote]A red rose speaks of love, a beautiful card speaks of love, a box of chocolates speaks of love, a special gift speaks of love, what does the couple speak of then?[/blockquote]
  • True love remains hidden in the most uncertain points of life’s race, you just need to be in the right track and acknowledge the spot the moment you identify it.
  • This must be the best thing in world – to be in love – not just because it feels good and you are happy, but because it is now that you accept the real YOU.
  • There must have been a number of times when you feel that you are in love; but the only one time you actually are is when you can clearly think of changing the world to provide for each person’s happiness.
  • Love teaches you to win each battle and never quit until the race is over.
  • Everything that is good, ethical, and lovely is only fair in love; start realizing now else you can never distinguish love from war.
  • Love gives you ultimate happiness without taking away any of your priced possession in life.
  • [blockquote]Love is hard to describe but harder to explain; hard to frame in words but harder to compile into a song; but it still is and will always be the most innocent feeling in the true form of the term.[/blockquote]

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