Facebook Best Status Messages

Status messages are a way of telling the world what is on your mind-but it is not limited to that only. It can be an announcement of something exciting happening around you or in your life.

It can be a forum for expressing your anger or annoyance over a particular incident or to express your love and best wishes to someone.

Status messages are also used by many people for sharing their write ups- for showcasing their talent or seeking opinion about the same.

Facebook users also make use of their status messages for raising awareness about different issues and gathering public opinion on it. Some people post quotations from famous people as their status messages. Here are a few samples of Facebook best status messages.

Sample Facebook Best Status Messages

  • [blockquote]Life is about the smile a child has on his face when you pick up his toy. Life is about the flower that peeks from the moss on the partition wall. Life is about the sudden holiday due to heavy showers. Life is about the kiss your mother plants on your forehead when she wakes you up every morning.[/blockquote] Life is about snatching your sibling’s pen while she was writing and running about the house with it. Life is about staring at the star studded sky on a winter night and getting a cold the following day. Life is in all the small moments of our regular, apparently boring lives. It lies in the moments we casually spend. It passes you by before you even realize its presence.
    [tr-shareit ]You cannot change a person for good unless he himself wants to, but you can always be the cause behind it. [/tr-shareit]
  • [blockquote]The best relation is the one where you know what the other person is feeling by simply looking into their eyes.[/blockquote]
  • That, which is true love, does not need a reason.
  • [blockquote]Nostalgia is a gift- not because it takes us to the past, but because it helps us to realize whether or not we are actually moving on.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Women- you don’t need to give them the remote. They will take it anyway.[/blockquote]
  • A beautiful heart is more precious than a beautiful face because there is no surgery to make it better- it is simply natural!
  • [tr-shareit]I have a very simple moral in life, if you will treat me in a good manner; I will also treat you better.[/tr-shareit]

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