Facebook Good Night Messages

Facebook good night messages are those that are posted on the facebook to wish your near and dear ones a good night. These messages can be used to denote that the person is going to log from facebook by wishing everyone a good night.

The tone of these messages is casual and filled with good night quotes.

Sample Facebook Good Night Messages

  • [blockquote]For those who sleep longer and dream the night is longer than the day but for those who make those dreams come true the day is longer than the night. Wishing you a good night sleep.[/blockquote]
  • Watch the moon and the stars are calling out to you but I am just saying good night to you.
  • If the sun was not red and the seas all blue I would have been there to disturb you, but now it is just a good night for you.
  • I am sending a shining angel to wish you a very good night filled with sweet dreams.
  • No matter if the skies are shining bright or not I will always be by your side. May you have a very good night’s sleep tonight.
  • Sweet dreams will always be true as long as my heart beats for you. Good night.
  • Hope sweet dreams embrace you tonight with the twinkling of the stars at night. Have a peaceful sleep today and always.
  • Wash you face before going to sleep and hope this night will be fine and sweet. May you have a good night sleep.
  • Now that I am logging off from facebook it is time to say goodnight as it is time to fall asleep and my words can’t speak.
  • [blockquote]Here is wishing you goodnight not because it is time to sleep but because you are the last thing on my mind even when I go to sleep.[/blockquote]
  • It is time for you to cuddle up and sleep tight as I am sending fairies to watch you at night. Have a very good night.
  • [blockquote]I am on my bed still logged in at facebook and know that it is time to sleep but thinking of you and want to say good night. May you have a great night.[/blockquote]
  • I know that it is time to say goodnight but how can I sleep without saying goodnight to someone so right. Wishing you a very good night.
  • [blockquote]Our life should always be surrounded with people who are true at our back and not on our face. May you have a very good night.[/blockquote]

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