Facebook Inspirational Status Messages

Inspiration makes a man go a long way. All of us face hardships in our lives- be it at work, at home or in our relationships. What we need in such situations is a little push.

This is what our close ones provide us with in tough times- they support us so that we can walk that extra mile to achieve our target or to overcome the difficulties in our path of life.

Facebook is a common platform of communication for a lot us. You can share your problems or inspire others to fight their battles with strength.

Other people also come up with their support and inspiration for the person in difficulty. Facebook inspirational status messages can be a start to this chain. Follow a few samples provided below to get an idea of an inspirational status on Facebook.

Sample Facebook Inspirational Status Messages

  • [blockquote]When people are bitching about you, know that you are doing something right, because if you never attract criticism, you have never done anything considerable![/blockquote]
  • Unless you put yourself to test, you will never know your weaknesses and neither will you know your strengths.
  • [blockquote]Not everyone gets an opportunity to fulfil their dreams. If you have, don’t waste your time and act lazy. Make the most of what you’ve got because regret is one of the worst feelings of life.[/blockquote]
  • If you have struggled since your childhood to reach where you are today, then you really shouldn’t feel lazy or bored. What did you fight for then?
  • [blockquote]See every day as a new opportunity. What has happened cannot be undone but you can prevent another mishap from taking place.[/blockquote]
  • Mistakes are what make us human. If you never trip, you never learn to walk.
  • [blockquote]Dreams are there in the sky- flying high. You have to build your own ladder to catch it and if you don’t hold it tight, it will slip away from your hands before you blink an eye.[/blockquote]
  • There is no alternative to hard work.
  • All the successful men in the world have two things in common- perseverance and individuality. A famous bohemian has stuck to his philosophy all his life and sacrificed all that he had to remain true to his cause. [blockquote]A successful businessman has trained himself in the ways of business, learning all the tricks and the secrets- making his own rules. Unless you create your own niche in your field and keep working towards the fulfilment of it, you will never be able to succeed in the truest sense of the term.[/blockquote]

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