Facebook Invitation messages

Inviting people for an occasion is such a special thing and the way that people are invited makes the event even more special. The social networking giant “Facebook” provides an excellent platform for people to send invites to all their friends and family at a click of a button.

People can create custom invitations and send invitation messages using the forum. The usage of words while creating an invitation plays a major role in inviting the people gleefully and also providing the required information.

Sample Facebook Invitation messages

  • I take this chance to cordially invite you to my wedding and wish that your presence makes it more special.
  • [blockquote]I was wondering what was missing for my birthday party and found out that it was “YOU”. Come and join me in my birthday party and make it complete.[/blockquote]
  • The stage is set for my bachelor’s party. Come and let us party together as bachelors for one last time.
  • [blockquote]Your presence in my wedding party was so awesome. Please make yourself available for my son’s first birthday party and make it awesome too.[/blockquote]
  • It has been so many years since our graduation party. Let us get together and have a ball in this year’s college get together.
  • Let us all join our hands to support the needy in this year’s fund raising festival.
  • Reserve your calendar and join me when I walk down the aisle in my wedding.
  • I invite you with great joy for my son’s first birthday party.
  • It is Christmas time! Come join us and our family for the Christmas party.
  • Get ready to scare with the costume you wear in this year’s Halloween party at our college.
  • Friends, let us all get together and have some fun in this month’s sleepover party at my place.
  • Fun and frolic awaits you at my son’s birthday party at The Eastwood restaurant. Your presence is much expected.
  • It is official now! I am a graduate. I would like to invite you to my place for the celebration.
  • I invite you to be a part of all the music and dancing at this year’s charity ball.
  • The man has taken off his tie for the last time. Kindly join us in the retirement party that is hosted in honor of Mr. Logan.
  • It is the month of cakes and candles for the year. Let us all get together at my place for the holiday cheer.

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