Facebook Love Messages

Facebook love messages are the messages that are exchanged between the lovers to express their love for each other, through Facebook.

These messages might also be the general love messages that can sent to your friends, family members or other people on your Facebook friends list. Such messages are the love-filled messages are framed in a very attractive manner.

Sample Facebook Love Messages

  • [blockquote]I am glad to have you as the love of my life. I assure you that I would marry you and make you as my wife. You are my love, an angel in disguise. I love everything in you from you tow to your eyes.[/blockquote]
  • To all dear friends – Love is not just meant for lovers. It is a beautiful bond that can be deeply cherished by the friends forever. Let us promise that we will always love each other, let us have great time together.
  • [blockquote]Love means togetherness of two souls and it is such a special feeling. Loving you is surely a blessing. I will always love you; I promise that I will always stay calm and true.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]This Facebook message reaches to all my friends just to say “ I love you”. If you feel the same, send me a reply saying you love me too.[/blockquote]

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