Facebook Love Status Messages

Social networking is the newest rage amongst all age groups. It is the latest and most accepted form of expressing one’s feelings and care for their loved ones.

The change in Facebook love status messages are those messages that are related to love and are posted as status on the site.

This is both a chance to show the world your love for someone and also an opportunity to display your hidden talent of writing. These types of messages can be written to express your love for someone or can also be written as general quotes of love.

Sample Facebook Love Status Messages

  • [blockquote]When you are in love, the entire world seems like a beautiful garden full of fragrant roses where you’re walking forever in a gorgeous twilight. I have never felt this way before![/blockquote]
  • When faced with a choice between someone who loves you and someone you love- choose the person who loves you, because if your love for the other person was really strong, there would never be a choice!
  • ‘May I have your company for a coffee?’- might be the start of the biggest love affair of the year!
  • [blockquote]Remember, love comes in the strangest forms, from the most unknown quarters- it will catch you unaware and you will be following its path long before you realize.[/blockquote]
  • Falling in love is just the first step. Building a relationship is the next; but maintaining the same feelings for all your life and being there for each other with equal enthusiasm is the final and most important part of love.
  • [blockquote]Love is not what you feel when you hold each other’s hands for the first time, that feeling you get when you kiss for the first time. Love is that strange power which makes you hug her after a huge fight; it is in that urge to rush back home from work just to watch the match together; it is in that willingness to complete the chores when she is tired; it is in that bed breakfast you make for her; it is in packing an extra shawl in his luggage when he goes for a business trip; it is in that kiss you give him when he leaves for work. Love is in the many everyday moments that you spend together- love is for life![/blockquote]
  • Being accepted in spite of all your flaws and shortcomings, all your tantrums and whimsies is what makes love so special.

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