Facebook Notification Text Messages

Facebook notification text messages are those text messages which are used to notify an individual via the medium of this social networking site. Various corporate and other organisations have their pages on facebook, and they may use the pages to display notifications.

The messages may be used by an organisation to notify their employees or their customers alike. The messages should be framed in a manner that the message is put across precisely and clearly.

There are a few samples of these notification messages which are being given below for the convenience of all those in need.

Sample Facebook Notification Text Messages

  • This is for all the members of the marketing team here at XYZ Ltd. All of our global offices will remain closed for the next two days (i.e. Wednesday & Thursday) due to a fault in the servers at our headquarter office. The offices will resume on the regular work timings from Friday.
  • [blockquote]Dear employees this notice is to congratulate all of you on your hard work and efficient consideration of the deadline. The management superiors are pleased with the latest project we have completed and are thus awarding all the employees with appropriate bonuses.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]To all the members of the Brandy Global Ltd. this is to notify you that we are issuing a new lot of equity shares. As per the terms of the previous issues the first right to the already existing shareholders (before public issue). Kindly contact the company brokers for further details.[/blockquote]
  • This is a notice for all those customers who are travelling through our international flights. The flights at J&T International are being delayed due to bad weather conditions. Kindly contact the travel agencies or the company counters at the international airport for further details. Regards Jim Thomas, Executive, J&T International.
  • This goes out to all our trusted customers- it is a pleasure serving you guys. We would like to inform you that G& G Designs are offering great discounts on all of our clothes and accessories. The discounts are available for our premium customers at all of our outlets.
  • [blockquote]This notice is for the information of all those employees who have filed for company loans in the past one month. Kindly fill and submit the new loan forms available with your immediate superiors. The new forms have been framed as per the new guidelines by the State authorities governing employee loans.[/blockquote]

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