Facebook Picture Messages

Facebook picture messages are those that are posted on facebook along with pictures. These messages are indication of personal feeling by depicting them through pictures that the receiver can correlate to.

The tone of these messages is very personal and filled with expression of love and affection.

Sample Facebook Picture Messages

  • A friend like you is a joy forever just as the picture of the flower that I am sending in this message.
  • [blockquote]Just as the stars here even you are ever glittering in my life.[/blockquote]
  • Here comes many kisses and hugs to the most beautiful girl on this earth.
  • [blockquote]The twinkle of these stars makes our friendship glow forever and bring light in the darkness.[/blockquote]
  • Even though a hug is a lot worthy a friend like you is more precious.
  • [blockquote]As the sun brings sunshine into everyone’s life you bring brightness into my life every morning. Good morning.[/blockquote]
  • I am sending you the cookie of my life and the chocolate chips in it are just like our blooming love.
  • I am happy I spotted a friend like you in my life from so many available in this picture.
  • A friend is a treasure and absolutely priceless just as in this picture on facebook.
  • One of the most opportune businesses in this world is that takes place between two friends, thanks for being my friend.
  • A friend is someone who starts to believe in you when you have lost belief in yourself.
  • [blockquote]Try this hot coffee recipe to pep up your friendship. It has everything like 50% affection, 40% devotion and 10% attention.[/blockquote]
  • We are birds of the same flock that clings together just as the butterflies in this picture.
  • Your friendship brightens my day just as the sunflower in this picture.
  • You are the cuddliest friend I have on facebook. I am so glad that we hangout together. Have a great day.
  • A friend is one who listens to you carefully even when you are not speaking and in silence.
  • Similar to the bright spot in this picture I am posting on facebook even you have been the most person spot in my life.
  • I want to hold the claws of your friendship in my hands just as these two in the picture.
  • There is always enough space when more friends want to join in on a joy ride together.

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