Facebook Relationship Status Messages

Facebook Relationship Status messages are created on social networking site Facebook to let your near and dear ones know about your relationship with your loved one.

It feels great to share your views about relationships and also your relationship status with everyone you feel like sharing.

Sample Facebook Relationship Status Messages

  • The most successful and happiest couple in the world does not share the same character, but have the best understanding of the differences they share in their characters.
  • We must be proud to be single because we are the ones who enjoy life to the fullest without depending on any one!!
  • [blockquote]It is nice when relationship starts with the question “Can we talk?”!! But it is sad when it ends with the sentence “We need to talk”!![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]No matter how long you are in a relationship, it takes both the hearts to help it sustain!  A relationship survives when the persons involved in the relationship have the fear of losing each other![/blockquote]
  • Beautiful relationships does not need any terms or conditions to be agreed up on, but just needs two hearts that can be loyal and trustworthy to each other!!
  • Relationship status is nothing but a silent commitment that is made loud enough for all to hear and it means that you will be there with your partner for anything and everything at any time!
  • The best relationships hold hands during times of difficulty!
  • The best relationships are like Tom and Jerry. No matter how much they fight, they cannot live without each other!
  • Relationships are believed to be one of the fundamental necessities of humans and also as a reason to survive!
  • [blockquote]We must be thankful to people who make us really happy because they are the gardeners in our life who make it beautiful by helping it blossom![/blockquote]
  • An intelligent relationship knows when and how to stay close and when to stay away as well!
  • My soul-mate is a person who strives to bring out the best in me! He might not be perfect, but he is absolutely perfect for me!
  • If you feel bad for saying good-bye to your love, then you are lucky to be in that relationship!
  • [blockquote]Make sure to make the bond you share with your partner stays flexible than to let it stay breakable![/blockquote]
  • The most important component of relationship is nothing else but us!

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