Facebook SMS Messages

The facebook sms messages are written in a way that is appealing to all individuals viewing it. The general type is casual and friendly texts, and short in content.

These messages do not have any special purpose of creation, they can be written anytime and under any circumstance, mostly with the purpose of exhibiting oneself as an active and witty member of the most famous social networking site of modern times – Facebook.

Sample Facebook SMS Messages

  • [blockquote]Important Notice – Students of LA House High School do not forget to register on Facebook; else you will be penalized for unsatisfactory social traits.[/blockquote]
  • Sorry for being inactive for the last two days; wasn’t well, was down with high fever due to excessive “pokes” on Thursday, 21st Feb!!
  • [blockquote]Facebook brought you and me closer; the only thing it did in return is reduce my study hours. Can’t believe somebody being so helpful as to give everything and take nothing in turn![/blockquote]
  • I guess it won’t be too long for companies to start a trend of asking candidates to submit links of their Facebook profiles in place of CVs and resume to catch up on his/her skills.
  • You have been poked by your friends for showing unwanted seriousness in studies.
  • [blockquote]Had you been able to decode what the teacher told today, you could have well won the Nobel for Extraordinary Understanding Skills.[/blockquote] God knows why they don’t teach and explain on Facebook! It’s all so complicated on the black-board; what are Facebook walls made for?
  • How do you think you can impress your boss when you can’t manage the posts on Facebook? Be responsible man; it’s your duty to be active here on Facebook!
  • We are so much dependent on Facebook now that it’s harder to live without this social network than to live without food for five days.
  • What if they decide to ban Facebook?” – “It’s better they first send a petition to NASA to launch some special rockets to destroy the Earth; for nobody would disapprove of that if they were to live a life without Facebook.”
  • Why do you need to look nice and be all good? What do you think Facebook has all these apps for?
  • I tagged you at the best place that you were meant to be – those are the gates of hell; don’t be angry, you won’t be there for they decided to reject you as well.


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