Facebook Status Emotional Messages

Facebook status emotional messages are the status messages that are updated by a person in a very emotional manner. These messages are the sorrowful messages that are set on the Facebook profile of a person in an emotional way.

The tone of such messages is usually sad, cheerless and distressing. Such status messages can be viewed by your friends and other people linked through your Facebook account.

Sample Facebook Status Emotional Messages

  • [blockquote]The saddest thing in life is to meet a person who means a lot to you only till he has left you. I am feeling so sad, I am feeling so bad. Anyone online for a chat?[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]It feels so sad when you are giving your hundred percent to be with someone and that someone is giving her hundred person to be with someone else.[/blockquote]
  • The worst feeling in the world for me is not being alone or feeling lonely. It is when someone forgets you, and you are thinking about him all through.
  • It just takes 1 sad song to bring back all those beautiful memories.
  • Can anybody help me get over this sadness? It is destroying all the happiness.
  • Sometimes your tears are your unspoken happiness and your smile is just a silent pain.

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