Facebook Status Messages for Anniversary

Facebook status messages for anniversary are those messages that are created as status messages on Facebook for your loved ones on their anniversary.

Heartwarming anniversary wishes are a feast to those of who are celebrating their anniversaries.

Sample Facebook Status Messages for Anniversary

  • [blockquote]Anniversary is not just another day but celebration of trust, love, partnership and above all tolerance that two hearts have been sharing every year![/blockquote]
  • May this anniversary make your love grow stronger and stronger! Wishing you a great anniversary!
  • [blockquote]I extend my love and my wishes to one the most beautiful couples in this world! May your love and affection for each other never fade forever![/blockquote]
  • If there was one person whom I can really trust, can rely on and is worth all my pure love, then that is just you! And that’s why I married you! Happy Anniversary to us for sharing a life that is worth living!
  • [blockquote]I always found you to be more concerned about each other, than about yourselves. And that’s why you are together bond in love! Happy for wishing such a nice couple a happy anniversary![/blockquote]
  • The most loving and honest couple also fall in love again very many times!! But the only difference is that they fall in love with the same person all the times!
  • You are the most lovable man I have ever met in my life! I am lucky to be your wife! Happy Anniversary to my man!
  • [blockquote]I don’t want to live a life with you in just my dreams. Because the memories we have created, though are beautiful to think of, cannot be compared to the touches we share! Never want to miss you! Very happy anniversary![/blockquote]
  • Your anniversary is a day for you to look behind at the good times you had, at the bad times you stayed together and to look forward to a future, to live your dreams together!
  • Wherever I go in my life, whatever I do in my life you have always been beside me! And I know you wouldn’t leave me alone! Loving anniversary wishes!!
  • True love is something that begins in a moment, grows stronger as time goes and lasts for eternity!
  • [blockquote]Respect and Communication is what is essential next to love and trust in a married life! And this is the key to our happy and successful years of marriage![/blockquote]
  • Just one year down, but more and more to go! Happy Anniversary!

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