Facebook Status Messages for Girls

Facebook Status Messages for girls are those messages that express the views and feelings of girls. Girls can make their Facebook profile interesting by adding such messages and tagging their friends.

Girls can voice their personal views about life, men, love etc through Facebook status.

Sample Facebook Status Messages for Girls

  • [blockquote]All the girls in the world are deserved to be treated like a princess![/blockquote]
  • Girls who have been there for everyone else whenever others were in need, needs someone to be with her when she has no one!
  • [blockquote]When a man holds the hand of a girl he loves in public, it means that he is proud to have her![/blockquote]
  • A girl’s heart is a sea of secrets in which you would never be able to jump in and swim.
  • Most of the girls who possess the prettiest smile always tell saddest stories.
  • [blockquote]Fact about girls: Her pretty face might change as she grows old; her lovely body might change with age; but the goodness in her heart will never change for any reason![/blockquote]
  • Guys never realize how a small reaction of theirs hurts a girl so much!
  • Don’t you treat girls like your toys, which you can just drop out when you get bored!
  • Guys need to be proud of having a girl friend that he chose to be his and not for possessing a list of girl friends!
  • [blockquote]Whether you are a good guy or a bad guy, handsome or ugly, intelligent or not, you are all brought in to this world through one person and that’s your mom! So never disrespect women![/blockquote]
  • Girls become happy for all the little things you do that make her think that you always have her in your heart and your mind!
  • A woman must be protected by his man like his daughter, loved like his wife and respected like his mother!
  • All girls do not think and realize that they are beautiful until a man whom they love tell her that she is beautiful!
  • [blockquote]Women are just like beautiful stars! Everyone is bright and beautiful! But you need to decide with whom you want to live for a life time![/blockquote]
  • Guys need to realize that a girl avoids you when she is really hurt because of you and if she remains silent then that’s when she is crying aloud in her heart!

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