Facebook Status Messages for Love

Love, which is the most wonderful feeling on the earth, is great when shared with those whom we value a lot.

You can express the most beautiful feeling of love through Facebook status messages for love as Facebook is a platform where you can share your opinions, views and your love as well.

Sample Facebook Status Messages for Love

  • [blockquote]If you believe nothing is going to change the color of sky then believe that nothing is going to change the love I have for you in my life![/blockquote]
  • Love is blind they say, but that’s only to the eyes. Love is always clearly visible for our hearts!
  • [blockquote]Love is something that we never feel we got enough and we never feel like giving enough![/blockquote]
  • Every time I see you, I feel like jumping into ice cold water. Because every time I see you, you take my breath away!
  • [blockquote]Good relationship does not mean good just because it started with the best love but also because it ends up with the same love![/blockquote]
  • The happiest moment on the earth for all of us is when we come to know that the person whom we are in love is in love with us too!!
  • Love is just not all about lonely walks in the beach, romance or candle light dinner; it is all about affection care and trust!
  • When you are in love, you think more about that person whom you are in love with, than about yourself.
  • True Love is unconditional! You need no reasons to fall in love but your love will stay forever for any reason!
  • Expectation is something that ruins Love! Give all the love you have without expecting anything in return!
  • [blockquote]If you really do not know the reason for getting attracted to a person, to think for hours together about a person, then the condition is called Love![/blockquote]
  • When two people breathe together, during all ups and downs in life, it is called love!
  • You become the most stupid when you are in love!
  • All of us know how to love, but only few of us really know how to live long with our love!
  • [blockquote]I bet most of us are this way! We fall in love with the person who ignores us, but those of whom we ignore are the ones who really seem to love us![/blockquote]

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