Facebook Status Messages on Life

People all over the world access Facebook for many reasons. Facebook is a social networking site that provides an array of options for the user.

People can chat, share pictures and videos, upload statuses etc. Facebook statuses are updated by different people, with a different purpose.

Facebook status messages on life are one such type of messages that are the inspirational messages for life. These are the general messages that inspire people for various activities of the life.

Sample Facebook Status Messages on Life

  • When GOD gave you this life, He did not promise that it would be easy. He promised that He would be with you as you will be walking on your way. Always fill your life with smiling days. GOD bless!
  • [blockquote]You came in this life to discover your gift. You are living this life to complete it. You will be a successful person if you deliver that gift away, may happiness always stay.[/blockquote]
  • The person’s motto in life should be “I lived my life and I did not survive my life”.
  • Life makes you weak when you intend to find more doubts that trusts. Life is at its strongest when you manage to find the trusts in spite of all the doubts.
  • Why waste your time in crying when you are given this life for a while. Always greet your life with a smile. Let happiness and joys stay at your side, live you life freely, so that you may experience the moments of paradise.
  • [blockquote]People do have many problems in their lives, they should not be concerned about that, they should just walk and travel the journey, retaining their precious smiles.[/blockquote]
  • If a life has to end, it surely has a beautiful ending. If the ending is not beautiful, it is a sure fact that it is not the ending but the beginning of a next wonderful thing.
  • In your life, do not expect anything from anyone. Just keep on living your life, and do not expect anything in return. For the things that are not fulfilled give us pain, you should do wonders in your life so that you grow with fame.
  • [blockquote]The greatest milestone in you life is the time when you find someone who loves you and your imperfections.[/blockquote]
  • Always have the confidence and courage to fight the difficulties. You are sent to the Earth to explore the opportunities.

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