Facebook Status Messages on Office

Facebook is an active site that is accessed by almost all of us. This can be used for variety of purposes such as for communication, for passing time, for interacting, networking, marketing, or for business purposes.

People update statuses on their Facebook profiles with a particular reason or to express their state of mind. Facebook status messages on office are the formal messages that are set to communicate with the office clients and members, to inform about a meeting or in general.

Sample Facebook Status Messages on Office

  • [blockquote]This is to inform all the members and team members of this office that you have to mark your presence on the Financial Budget meeting that is scheduled for tomorrow. We look forward to have you there.[/blockquote]
  • Office is a place where even after you get screwed up, you have to love it and continue to work with the spirits up.
  • [blockquote]Some people do not like visiting restaurant. But these people are the one who love going to restaurant when they are provided with free coupons from their offices.[/blockquote]
  • In office, the real difference between you and your boss is – if you take a long time, you are considered to be slow. Of your boss takes longer time, he is considered to be thorough.
  • While in an office, if you are not doing a thing, you are considered to be lazy. If your boss is not doing it, he is considered to be too busy.
  • A person in office makes a mistake, he was called an idiot. The boss of the same office made a mistake, he was said – Mistakes are acceptable, they are made by humans.
  • When you do something without being told, you are the one who is disrespecting the rules and norms of the authority. When you boss does same, he is considered to be taking initiatives.
  • A man went out of his office and he was assumed wandering around. Boss went out of his office and he was assumed to be on a business round.
  • When you intend to take a sick leave, you are actually sick! When a boss takes sick leaves, he is considered to be very ill.
  • Office is a place wherein if you apply for leaves, it is considered that you are looking for a new job. While in the same office, when a boss applies for leaves, he is considered to be overworked.

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