Facebook Status Messages for Good Laughs

One of the reasons why everyone spends most of their time in their personal computers and cellphones are the fun and joy that the cyber world offers them. It is a matter of fact that most of us want to be entertained or want to entertain the people whom we know personally and people we know by photos and names in social medias, specifically facebook. If you find yourself in the mood of entertaining random people in facebook then you are in the rite site to get some facebook status worth a laugh and share.

This article provides suggested facebook status messages that you may improvise if you see the necessity in doing so. These messages may also serve as your guide in crafting your very own status for the sole purposes of being unique. The range of the humor can reach up to dark humor so be careful about your selections of joke to prevent possible internet bashers and for you not to tagged as a cyber bully.

  • Don’t you just find it quite odd how the forces of the universe conspires for a soul to be directed towards the path of success? It’s obvious that the universe’s hatred towards me is just too much because my soul is enjoying the path of life’s greatest failure, but don’t you just find it odd?
  • So at the store, a while ago, a kid approached me and asked if I could act like his toy so that he could play with me. Like the good man that I am, I agreed to be his toy but then her mom just pops out of nowhere and told her here’s the toy you want. I sighed my relief for I can finally get on with my tasks, but as the little kid grabbed the toy from her mother’s arm she whispered loud enough for everyone to hear “You will be a great sacrifice to the supreme dark lord.” I sighed a relief for the second time around.
  • I kidded my girlfriend yesterday by telling her I was cheating on her with this sexy chic in town and I was expecting her to become violent like slap me, throw whatever it is in her hands, or slash me with a knife. She simply said, “just so you know you have been a dragged my whole life and it’s useless to joke around like that for I know fully well no one is willing to put up with you.” Of the many forms of violence this one hurts the most.
  • I’ve bee a Spongebob fanatic all my life and one time I was in Mcdonalds to buy a burger I told the cashier, “I would like to have a kraby patty, half a cheese only and without pickles.” in a matter of factly tone. He looked me straight in the eyes and replied with Spongebob is on a leave which means no kraby patty for the whole year.
  • Have yourself a treat and kiss the beauty that is me.
  • One night I stared at the mirror and chanted bloody Mary thirteen times, and there was a sudden shout from the kitchen, my mother, stating shut up and get yourself some sleep, wretched hag.

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