Facebook Status Messages for Slay Queens

Facebook status messages or posts are one way of presenting the personality of an individual or his or her mood. Although it is not  necessary to post some things in social media, there is an teasing desire in us to post random stuff in there from food that you are eating right now to the most bizarre of stuff that you are interested in. If you want your Facebook status messages or posts to go viral then here are recommended sample messages for you.

This articles offers free Facebook status messages that exudes the elegance of slay queens which could help you acquire fame in just so short a time and become viral not only in the cyber world but, too, in the real world. Should you wish to be unique you may use these sample Facebook status messages as guidelines in crafting your own. This type of message should have the elegance and must never use any slang words nor be bragging what you have which others don’t for this will sound very cheap.

  • So there is a guy who asked me to hook up with him just for an of the night and if he wishes to spend another hour more then he can have me forever. What have I to say to a stranger who knows nothing about me yet already considers me as an easy lay?  I simply told him that my time would be a total waste if I choose to spend a time so priceless as anyone else’s with an undignified stranger who merely seeks of the pleasures of the flesh.


  • I am not saying that there is a need for women to get undress on the first date just to see recognize the worth of a man she is dating. We only date these men to see how tough enough they are to decide to date a woman like us who recognize our worth and should only be treated how men want their mothers to be treated.


  • In a world full of fake identities stay to who you truly are and never allow your worth to blur into insignificance. If you want to change somethings in yourself, that’s okay but be sure that the changes you are doing is for the sole reason of bettering yourself instead of cowering away from the cynical critics.


  • Bring down people are the worst for when others are in close to achieving their dreams they will be on the way by digging the past mishaps of that individual and turn them let others perceive them as something scandalous and vile which makes that individual dispirited. There is never a class in bringing people down, trashy people are not worth anyone’s time.


  • Anyone can have the guts to bring me down in the chase of my dreams and I can have all the apathy mustered with what the world has to offer just to not care about your existence at all. You can throw all of your trash you want but my victory will be inevitable.


  • The thing I like most about gentlemen is how they can be graceful in their mundane tasks and still remain classy should there be an issue that arises out of nowhere that involves the majority. How can they be so good in it yet in the bed they are the wildest of creatures refusing to be tamed in the first stages and be sweet and lovely again afterwards.


  • A woman can wear anything she wants and it is an opinion worth a laughter when men with unstable testosterone think that the reason why women are rape is because of they dress. The reason why there exist an act of malice is because of rapists and people who can’t contain their lust.


  • Things can change but there is something about femininity that refuses to fade. This sense of class is what makes men strive the hardest to become better and be partnered with such a woman. This is the type of woman who is strong enough to take care of herself and help build his man build an empire of joy instead of just sitting pretty until she spoils in time.


  • A true woman is internally validated and does not let other opinion define the greatness that she possesses. If you think that there needs another existence to validate your worth then forget about that kind of thinking. The significance of others existence is to remind you alone of who you truly are and why you are not deserving of others who are blinded by their righteousness. You alone have the power to define your worth.


  • A strong woman can be compared to a sun for she never stops shining, the sky maybe clouded and some may lose sight of it but it does not mean she has stopped shining. Sometimes she only hides in the clouds to let the world miss her and how much she is needed by everyone without expecting others to repay her.

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