Facebook Sympathy Messages

Facebook sympathy messages are written to express one’s sympathy to a person in grief through social networking site Facebook. These sympathy messages are nice ways to let a person in grief understand that one is thinking about him during his times of difficulties.

Facebook sympathy messages are written in order to give comfort to a person in pain, due to the loss of their loved ones or any such tragic event.

These messages are also a thoughtful way to make the grieving person understand and realize that someone is there to care for him. Facebook sympathy messages should be short and simple messages which are straight to the point and helps one’s friends and family members in pain realize that they are not left alone during their times of difficulty.

Creating sympathy messages are a challenging and difficult process; one should be careful with the usage of words and make sure that the words are soothing and comforting.

Sample Facebook Sympathy Messages

  • [blockquote]May the Almighty give the strength you need to overcome this time of difficulty and also bring peace and comfort to heal you.[/blockquote]
  • We pray for the peace and comfort you need during this time of sorrow.
  • We are at loss of words to express our sadness. May God be with you and your family during this grief-stricken time.
  • We are deeply saddened by the loss you share. We hope and pray that you have the strength to face this time of loss.
  • I am deeply sorry for this loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and remember that someone is there to care for you.
  • [blockquote]Words aren’t enough to comfort you during this time of agony. Please remember that I am by your side.[/blockquote]
  • We think of you and share your sorrow with deepest sympathy.
  • [blockquote]We know it is not easy for you to overcome this time of difficulty. But please remember that we are here to care for you today and always.[/blockquote]
  • May the love and sympathy from those who care for you bring peace and comfort, to overcome this period of sorrow in your life.
  • Words cannot describe how sorry we are for your loss. Our prayers and thoughts remain with you and your family forever.
  • [blockquote]We deeply regret the loss of your loved one. May God be with you and your family and give you the strength and the comfort your need.[/blockquote]

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