Facebook Valentine Status Messages

Facebook Valentines Status Messages are the best ways to say how much you are in love with your partner. Valentine’s Day indeed is a very special day for those who are in love, to express their love for each other.

You can create Valentine Status message and tag your loved ones to let the world know how much important your loved one is for you.

Sample Facebook Valentine Status Messages

  • I have been waiting for you all my life, to walk with you with legal rights!! Will you be mine? Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • [blockquote]Valentine’s Day is the bell that rings to unlock the doors of love and let the wonderful people who are committed into the rooms of heart![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]The things to make me survive on this earth are provided to me by the earth! But the reason for me to live is given to me by you! Happy Valentine’s Day![/blockquote]
  • I’m not too good at mathematics, but I’m very sure that “you+me” will for sure equal “us forever”!
  • [blockquote]I heard that penguins are other only animal that stays together for a lifetime. I just have a question. Can you be my penguin for a lifetime?[/blockquote]
  • Don’t go around looking for a valentine if you don’t have one already on this special day. You just need to wait patiently for your valentine’s arrival.
  • True love does not look with the eyes or the mind! It looks with the heart!
  • [blockquote]Hey my Valentine, you are the only person whom I would like to grow old with! Wish you a great valentine’s day.[/blockquote]
  •  Let love be like a butterfly; so that it wanders to places it wishes to go and pleases the people and the things that it approaches.
  • I have been in love for a lot many times!!! But it was every time with the same person! And that was always with you!
  • Love is just a word if its meaning is not understood through the best person of your life!
  • I sometimes look at you and wonder, what on earth makes such a wonderful person like you, to fall in love with me!
  • Stopping to thing about you is equal to make me stop breathing!
  • Though I gaze at stars all night, I have never found such a beautiful star like you!
  • [blockquote]Valentine is the saint that gave us opportunities at the right time to choose you as mine![/blockquote]

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