Facebook Welcome Messages

Facebook welcome messages refer to those messages which are used to welcome any new member.

The messages may be used by an existing member of facebook to welcome someone they invited or to welcome a friend they have been asking to join the site.

The messages may also include the messages which are used by the authorities to welcome new members. The messages are framed in a manner that they welcome the member while making them comfortable.

These messages are short i.e. are 3 to 4 lines, and are precise in nature. A few samples of the same are being given below.

Sample Facebook Welcome Messages

  • [blockquote]Dear Sana so you finally took my advice after so long and joined facebook. You will really like this site, it a good way to stay updated about the lives of your dear ones. It is good to have you here, welcome to facebook. Love Anna.[/blockquote]
  • Mr. James Cameron we are delighted to have you as one of our members. We hope you will enjoy the experience of being a member of facebook. You can connect with all of your friends and family by just adding them to your list. Welcome to facebook Mr. Cameron.
  • [blockquote]Diana, lovely Diana, Oh! It is so nice to have you here at facebook. After so long you have finally decided to grace us mere mortals with your presence. Thank you Lord. Well seriously (jokes apart!!) welcome to facebook buddy, have fun exploring.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Oh! You are here; oh! I have been waiting for this for so long. You are here and now we will both have loads of fun. You know we can both upload our pictures from our trips and then share them or post our thoughts on them in the comments section. This is going to be great, welcome.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]So dude you finally decided to give up those crappy old school thoughts of yours and become a part of the real world. Good for you, the geek will now learn how to become a part of the modern age social networking. Welcome to facebook dude, the world (virtual) is yours.[/blockquote]
  • Ms. Katherine Cobs it is great that you have decided to become a part of this family we have build in this world of social networking. This is great way to stay connected to the world even while you go on with your busy schedule. We hope you will like it here, Welcome to facebook.

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