Funniest Facebook Status Messages

Facebook is a social networking site that is actively used by all of now a day. There are options of updating statuses, pictures, videos etc.

People opt to update many kinds of statuses on their Facebook profiles. Funniest Facebook status messages are the humorous messages that are updated by the Facebook users, to amuse and entertain other people on their Facebook list.

These messages are the comical messages that are intended to crack a joke or are generally the funniest messages on Facebook.

Sample Funniest Facebook Status Messages

  • [blockquote]Dad asks son what he wants on his birthday. Son replied – Nothing much dad, I just want a radio with a car around it.[/blockquote]
  • A kid scored 0 marks in his exam. Dad asked “what is this”? Kid replied – teacher was short of stars so she gave me the sun.
  • Behind every successful and a charming man, there lies a woman who is rolling her eyes to get him.
  • [blockquote]While fighting, wife says to her husband – you do not love me at all. Husband in anger – Do you think we have downloaded our children from Google?[/blockquote]
  • If you want to hug it when you are in trouble, if you want to cry on it when you are in pain, if you want to embrace it when you are happy and if you want true love, just buy a pillow.
  • If one day you manage to have everything, the question is where will you put it?
  • Insanity is the wildest concept that is not meant to suffer. Insanity is something that should be lived every moment.
  • [blockquote]True love and attraction can be always compared to the ghosts. Everyone talks about it, but very few have actually experienced it.[/blockquote]
  • Love is a dependency order that is suffered by weak people. Strong people usually believe in the art of FLIRTING
  • [blockquote]The best line to propose a girl – I am tired of spending sleepless nights without your presence and I will regret if my son would do the same for your daughter. Let us solve their troubles and make them brother and sister.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]I want that you be with me in a restaurant, we ordering the best delicacies. I want to see you looking in my eyes and I will say those 3 words – “Pay the Bill”.[/blockquote]
  • Cousins were made by God so that parents can compare our marks with them!!!

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