Funny Facebook Birthday Status Messages

Funny Facebook birthday status messages are the messages that are set by the Facebook users to wish a person happy birthday in a funny manner.

These messages must be framed in an attractive manner so that your Facebook friends, relatives and other people on your Facebook profile are entertained by your status.

The tone of these messages is hilarious and is sent to greet a person on his or her birthday. These types of funny messages are most commonly used by people to put as their statuses on various social networking sites.

Sample Funny Facebook Birthday Status Messages

  • You realise that you are getting old when the candles on your cake is costlier that the cake itself. Happy Birthday!
  • [blockquote]The true spirit and nature of a diplomat man is that he will always remember a woman’s birthday, but he will never remember her age.[/blockquote]
  • On your birthday, age is simply a case of mind over matter. If you would not mind what your age is, it won’t matter to you.
  • As you are turning young and old, three things happens in life. First one is that you memory goes off and the other too I do not remember. Have a blessed birthday, stay happy ever after.
  • [blockquote]Birthdays are always good. Statistics has shown the facts that more the number of birthdays, more the number of years a person lives.[/blockquote]
  • Birthdays are in way silent reminders that you have got the full right to grab whole of the cake.
  • Growing old is like a crime and you cannot do anything about it. Birthdays are about ageing, and you have to love it being paralysed.
  • If we knew that we are going to live this long, we would have taken the best care of ourselves.
  • The birthdays are the days to realise that if we were twice old and twice young, we would have got the opportunities to correct our mistakes.
  • [blockquote]On the birthday of an old person, there lives a young person, cursing, what the hell has happened![/blockquote]
  • As a person turns to his near fifties, he starts realising that he is still in his forties. I wish I can pity those helpless souls.
  • I feel great to send my birthday greetings to all the people who are shedding years of their lives doing nothing. I salute them for their courage.

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