Funny Facebook Status Messages

Funny Facebook status messages are the funny statuses that are being updated by the people on their Facebook profiles. These are the humorous status messages that are set as your Facebook status to amuse and entertain people on your list.

Such messages are framed in comic, witty and a hilarious manner. The tone of these messages is highly funny.

Sample Facebook Funny Status Messages

  • [blockquote]My boss asked me today – who is the stupid amongst both of us? I simply answered – Boss everyone knows that you do not hire stupid people so my answer must be clear.[/blockquote]
  • What was GOD’s first reaction when he created a Negro? He yelled, Damn I created a burnt man!
  • To all my friends on Facebook – If you will ever break our friendship, I will seriously hang myself with noodles.
  • I asked my friend to cut my hand with a runner knife and then shoot me with a water pistol. He thought I was kidding, But I was actually serious.
  • [blockquote]The best way to prevent global warming is to blow those candles off your birthday cake.[/blockquote]
  • Whenever I open up my eyes in the morning, I sincerely pray that everyone should have friends like you. Why should I suffer all alone?

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