Funny Facebook Welcome Messages

Funny welcome messages are sent to friends and family members who are new to Facebook or are returning back to Facebook after a break.

Thus, these welcome messages should be filled with humor and bring a smile on the face of the readers. It must give them the pleasure to be back and to feel that they are loved and noticed.

Funny Facebook welcome messages can make your dear one’s feel amused and excited about their presence in Facebook and also about your presence in their life.

Sample Funny Facebook Welcome Messages

  • Hello new-comers, Welcome to Facebook! There is a time for making speech! This is not it!
  • I’ve been waiting in the corner, with honor, for your coming, with your daughter! Welcome to Facebook!
  • Welcome to Facebook! A place where you can poke me, like me, delete me or limit me.
  • Welcome to Facebook where people can add you as their friend but walk past you on the street!
  • Warm welcome to Facebook! Here you can turn your foes to friends and if you wish, your friends to foes!
  • Welcome back to Facebook! You can post your pictures here and laugh looking at yourself later!
  • Trying to fake seems to be the latest trend. And few of my friends are already in style! Welcome to Facebook.
  • Don’t ever turn your back to your friends in Facebook, because that is the best target! Welcome back to Facebook!
  • [blockquote]Friends are like walls, they hold you up, they let you lean on them and sometimes they just standby you. Make friends through Facebook! Welcome to Facebook![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Welcome to Facebook, where you can have friends who are like balloons; you can get them back if you let them go and you can tie them up to your heart if you want to have them forever![/blockquote]
  • Nothing is better than getting a good friend, except a friend with chocolates! Welcome to Facebook!
  • Telephone is to communicate; Picture is to remember and Facebook is to prove your sign of good taste! Welcome to Facebook!
  • Friends usually knock at your door, but best friends meet you on your Facebook wall, just like I did! Warm welcome to Facebook!
  • Welcome to Facebook! If you would really like your friends to remember you, then keep poking them on Facebook!
  • [blockquote]Welcome to Facebook! A place where you can know everything about your new friends and new things about your old friends![/blockquote]

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