How to Date a Woman from Facebook

How to date a woman from Facebook is a question that a lot of men ask themselves. Although each situation is different, there are some ground rules to follow to make sure that you will have success.

How to Date a Woman from Facebook

Testing the waters

If you met her at a bar or at party and you would like to get to know her, start by finding her on Facebook and sending a casual message. However, don’t be too casual; it’s not a good idea to send her a friend request with a default text. Most probably she will ignore it.

No phone number

In our days it’s not a must to ask a girl for her phone number. Usually it is easy to find people through mutual friends. In the majority of the cases girls find it flattering when people they met find them on Facebook.

Another idea to consider is that calling a girl out of the blue might seem a bit desperate. Keep it cool and choose social media.

A middle man when dating a Facebook woman

Even if you aren’t the most confident guy on the planet, try to avoid involving a mutual friend or acquaintance. In the end the situation will become awkward for the three of you.

Be straight forward and address the girl that you like; nothing can happen while you’re on Facebook.

What to write?

In case you are thinking about dating a woman on Facebook, start by sending her a nice (but personalized) message. Start by saying hi and add her name.

Then say something which reminds her of the conversation that you had when you met. Casually invite her out. Tell her to let you know when she’s in your neighborhood and maybe you could get a cup of coffee. Then sign the message with your name.

How does your Facebook page look like?

When it comes to meeting women on Facebook you should take a look at your profile and see what it says about you to people who see it for the first time.

[blockquote]Make sure that you have some funny and interesting status updates and that you have cool pictures showing that you know how to have fun.[/blockquote]

Be present

If you feel awkward asking for her phone number, ask her whether she’s on Facebook. Most probably she is so you can find her, talk to her and ask for her number when you know a little something about each other.

In order to make your profile a bit more appealing, you might want to add some new photos. It is best if you have some comments from other girls as well.

One step further for dating women on Facebook

Once you become Facebook friends, don’t hesitate to send her a message. You don’t have to ask her out right away. For instance you could tell her something that happened to you during the weekend and then ask her how she’s been.

Once you get things going, you can make your move and ask for her number. From now on you know how to date a woman from Facebook.

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