Interesting Facebook Status Messages

Facebook users try their best to upload nice and best messages as their statuses. Statuses on Facebook are the means of explaining the current state of mind of the people, to express a situation, to state funny incidents, etc.

Interesting Facebook status messages are such type of messages that are professionally framed and are set to grab the interest of other Facebook users, linked to your profile.

These messages can be any type of messages such as motivational messages, funny messages, love messages etc.

Sample Interesting Facebook Status Messages

  • [blockquote]In the recipes of life, friends are the most important ingredients. They are the one who adds sweetness in our lives. Some come to add bitterness too, but it is okay, because one should always know the taste of the bitter apply to know the taste of the sweetest apple.[/blockquote]
  • The tallest oak that we see in the forest was once a little nut that was lying on the ground.
  • Life of a person is like a mirror. It will smile at you if you smile at it. It will mourn with you if you mourn at it. It will take you to a long run, if you agree to travel it.
  • In life, challenges come, not to paralyse you, but to help you discover who you are. Always search for the ways so that you can travel far.
  • [blockquote]In life, positivity is a must ingredient. Good things in life fall apart so that the space for new and better things can be created. May your life be love filled.[/blockquote]
  • To enjoy the moments of paradise, you should always have the love of your life. The tensions and sorrows of your life should be aside, you should learn to stay happy and cheerful all the while.
  • It is the beauty that is caught by the eyes but it is the kindness and the generosity that is caught by the heart.
  • A wrong and a dishonest relationship will make you more alone than when you were single.
  • It is far better to be no one than to spend your life with a wrong one.
  • [blockquote]Never show yourself as a busy person to the one who needs you. Never misuse and misinterpret the feelings of the person who likes you. Never cheat on the intentions of the person who trusts you. Identify the real people and value.[/blockquote]

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