Romantic Status Messages for Facebook

Status messages are one of the most commonly utilized areas of Facebook because that’s where one’s identity is represented. These messages tell the world about everything the person feels, thinks, and does at that moment.

Hence romantic status messages are as regular on Facebook as falling in love is. Though romantic status messages for Facebook are mostly about human love, these messages can also be about romanticism for nature.

Sample Romantic Status Messages for Facebook

  • The day feels great today; you look beautiful today; sparrow chirps sweetly today; and I feel lovely today.
  • [blockquote]Spring is on and romance is in; I love this time for you can feel love in nature every single moment you breathe.[/blockquote]
  • Be the sunshine that spreads smile all over, and you never know when you start laughing with joy and contentment.
  • It’s so good to be in love, when you just don’t need to worry for you have somebody special caring for you each moment.
  • [blockquote]Loving you every day is awesome, but being loved by you every day is an even bigger and better feeling; your love makes me feel like winning the whole world and giving you all that your heart craves for.[/blockquote] I really love you loads Jenny, and I sincerely thank God everyday for giving me this chance to have you by me and be with you through all of life’s happenings.
  • To love someone is one sweet feeling; to be loved by someone is a sweeter feeling; but to love a person and be loved back is the sweetest feeling ever possible on earth.
  • You really mean the world for me; not just because we are in love but also because I can’t remember what the world was like before you stepped in my life and made it a true “LIFE”. You don’t make the world a better place with your love; you make it ‘the’ world for me.
  • [blockquote]I can live each day with the hope that my dreams come true and I become a richer, bigger, and more successful person; but I cannot live a single moment with the thought that I would have to bet you for these. I sincerely love you dear, and can never ever afford to lose you for all the wealth in the world.[/blockquote]
  • It feels great to be in love, not because the world looks good but because you look the happiest when it’s “us”.

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