Silly Facebook Status Messages to Keep Everyone Entertained

Social media sites are considered as the world’s number one source of entertainment, Facebook and Twitter for example. It is an undeniable fact that the funnier the Facebook status you can post the more likes or reactions you will get from anyone who comes across their endless scrolling in the hopes of getting the best laugh in the cyber world. In some circumstances, if the humor is too random, people would start sharing the Facebook status. If you would want to entertain your Internet friends with silly Facebook statuses, then you might want to create a meme page of your own or make something up to boast about your humor to the depths of the cyber world. Below are sample Facebook status messages to help you deliver a Facebook status that is definitely worth a reaction and share.

  • I need to get a haircut ASAP or mother birds might mistake it for a walking nest and lay their eggs on my head.
  • One positive thing about being thin is you get a taste of flying should there be a strong gust of wind.
  • If I were to choose between nuggets and Justin Bieber, I’d choose nuggets without hesitation, vanity, and impunity.
  • Friends are the best beings that this world could ever offer us. Unless, of course, it’s your birthday because they tend to upload your awfully-zoomed-out photos and tag your online accounts in the process; although this is compensated with sincere messages.
  • Most people have been categorized nowadays as “objects”. They’re not meant to be used, but they are willing to be used anyway.
  • Honest to goodness, I don’t hate you at all but if I were to choose between washing dishes or pushing you off a cliff, I would push you without any second thoughts.
  • (uploads picture captioned with) A perfect example of early stage evolution from Charles Darwin’s theory.
  • Money may not buy us happiness; but if you hand me a million dollars, I would be more than happy to take it.
  • How could anyone from far away steal your heart by just casting a killer smile?
  • Our love is a crime, and we are criminals. If your love is my drug, and I am an addict, I should be locked away for possession.

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