Thank You Messages for Facebook

Thank You messages for Facebook are written very often to show gratitude towards a person who has helped with some favor or anything that was important for the individual being thankful.

Thank you is one of the earliest and most common expressions that can be shown to anyone irrespective of any distinction or division. Hence these messages must have a feeling of genuineness; howsoever informal may be the format.

Sample Thank You messages for Facebook

  • [blockquote]Thank You for helping me realize my true self; for I could never have succeeded if you had not shown that confidence in me. You have been the strongest pillar and the best guide who stood by me all the way through the journey of life. Ma, I thank you for all the overwhelming support and care you bestowed on me.[/blockquote]
  • Thank you tons for helping me out with the work; it would never have been possible for me alone to do it this nicely. Thanks for your support dear.
  • [blockquote]Thank You God for bringing me here, had I not been born I would have never realized what it means to have parents and how great it feels to be with friends. A big thank you for this wonderful life; and another one for family and friends who never failed to stand by me.[/blockquote]
  • Thank You is the only word that comes directly from my heart every time I see you by me. I can never forget the out-of-the-world help and support that you gave me always, each time that I was about to lose and you came by to instill a new vigor in me.
  • Dear John, you have defined the meaning of life for me. Thank You for giving me this life all over again. I can never forget your kindness and the love you showered on me. Thank You for everything you did to make my life beautiful.
  • I was down with failure, and then you came by; your words gave the gentle push that I needed; I learnt to run fast but fell down for I wanted to win the race at all costs now; you were standing there to pick me, and asked to me be a little slower but steady. I learnt what life is all about and focused my goals. I won; for you taught me to win the right way. Thank You Dad for being there by me always.

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