Top Facebook Status Messages for Your Boyfriend

Top Facebook status messages for your boyfriend are usually covering the way you feel about him when posting on your or his Facebook wall.

The status can offer your friends and his friends a hint about what is your relationship status and even keep them updated on your adventures together. So here are some ideas on what to write.

You feel like saying “I love you”

Simply posting “ I love you” will be a little bit corny. But if you post something like

”We don’t have a perfect relationship…but then we love each other for our imperfections” 
 people will understand that you are in love with him.

Also feel free to post things like [blockquote]“ I love you more for every little thing you do for me 🙂 The coffee you brought this morning was awesome” or “ You are the first and the last thing on my mind. I love you so much !”[/blockquote]

You are in a fight but you feel like avoiding details

You are in a fight but you feel like avoiding details

If you guys had a fight and you feel like sharing the matter on Facebook simply post” Not the kind of day I planned to have with you…” or” Raining cats and dogs in my life beware of the scratches”.

If you want to give him a hint that you are ready to make up try posting

You love me because I am a better person. Guess what comes next…” or “ Do you wonder if…? You should! 

Perfect statuses for proclaiming endless love

Beautiful words can make a lot of difference when posting on Facebook. If you feel like making his day better consider these Facebook status messages for your boyfriend :

“I love waking up and see Good Morning Beautiful on my wall and going to sleep seeing Goodnight Princess! My boyfriend is a dream come true”

“Life without you? Not a chance. Life with you? Endless romance”

“Baby you slowly captured my heart. You are my everything now and forever”.

Facebook status messages to say you’re his

If your guy is one of those guys that love to proclaim ownership over the person they love make sure you indulge him by posting on Facebook. Write “ I am yours , you know that .” or “ Forever yours and thinking of you”.

You can also make sure he knows how you feel about him so post “ When you hold me I feel like never letting go. I am the perfect fit for your arms”.

Keep in mind to always consider his feelings when posting these top Facebook messages for your boyfriend.

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