Top Picture Messages Going Viral on Facebook

Top picture messages going viral on Facebook are the ones people love to share a million times over and over again until almost everyone in the network knows them and talks about them.

1. Relationship messages

Relationship messages Vector images with relationship messages are surely the top picture messages going viral on Facebook. Everybody likes and shares them.

2. Babies and food

Babies and food It is amazing how pictures messages with babies and food either separate or together get a record of likes and shares inspite of being shared over and over again.

3. Puppies, birds and flower

Puppies, birds and flower It seems that as Facebook viral picture messages are concerned, innocence is still very much loved. Beautiful pictures of puppies, flowers, birds and other animals are surprisingly becoming viral very fast because we all like a soft picture to brighten up our day.

4. Shocking news

Shocking news In spite of the fact that Facebook is a social network made for entertainment, people help the picture messages of shocking news go viral in a record time. It is interesting that the news related to bombings, attacks or violence are more viral than the ones related to zoo animal birth, celebrity weddings or other events of this kind.

5. Sick babies

Sick babies An amazing number of pictures of sick babies and children became viral on Facebook over night. People tend to like and share endlessly such pictures and who can blame them especially if the message states that you earn cash for the baby’s cure with every like.

6. Animal cruelty

Animal cruelty Surprising or not these are other picture messages going viral on Facebook. People share examples of animal cruelty over and over again.

7. Plus size model and compelling message

Facebook was conquered by the beauty of a naked plus size French model. The picture had a very touching fitness related story and the message behind it “You are beautiful regardless the size” was so obvious that women and men alike helped it go viral.

8. Fabulous Island scenery

Fabulous Island scenery Everybody likes an island vacation so part of the viral Facebook picture messages we can see a multitude of amazing exotic islands pictures more or less photoshoped which everybody is eager to share just because it simply takes our breath away.

9. Cats and more cats

Cats and more cats “Cats have conquered the internet”. Most likely you saw this picture message going viral on Facebook especially because it was placed next to a several number of cats one cuter than the other.

10. Bear and man on a cliff

Bear and man on a cliff Facebook users know this picture especially because everybody thought it was funny to see the man looking down the cliff apparently unaware of the grizzly roaring behind him.

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