Best Farewell Messages

Best farewell messages are farewell messages which are written with a lot of care and warmth in order to smoothen the path for someone taking a leave, being transferred or retiring.

These are some of the common occasions which create the need for farewell messages. However, whatever the occasion, best farewell messages can provide comfort and joy to anyone on this bittersweet moment.

Sample Best Farewell Messages

  • This is so heart wrenching as I bid you farewell, the passing years in office have been such a great learning experience in your companionship. Good bye my friend.
  • It’s great news that you have grabbed the best job in town! But it’s a sad moment for us as you leave us tomorrow; please stay in touch and win everyone’s heart in the new place as you did here. Bye dear friend!
  • We wish you all the success in life and satisfaction in your new business venture. Good bye dear friend and we wish that the new city and new ventures turn out lucrative!
  • I know you will prove yourself one of best employees in your new company as you did here. We all bid you farewell with a heavy heart.
  • I shall miss you my students; you have been more of my friends and family. Spending days here far from my family could only be possible because of your love and support, but I have to leave today and move on. Good bye, wish you all a bright future.
  • As you leave us for a better opportunity we will not hold you back as we all earnestly want your happiness and prosperity. However, we will surely miss you very much. Good bye!
  • Your hard work, passion, dedication and devotion will always be an example for the other members in the team. Wishing you all the best for your new job. Good bye!
  • [blockquote]You and your work have carved a niche which will never be filled. Your farewell is a moment of sadness for us as we bid farewell to a trusted colleague and a better friend.[/blockquote] However, we hope and pray that your life ahead is filled with happiness. Good luck to you.
  • You have been such an indispensable part of this organization that saying goodbye to you is s situation we never imagined facing. However, now that the moment if finally here, we wish you all the best. Thank you for your presence that was enough to instill confidence in us.
  • [blockquote]]This batch has been remarkable for its upbeat and cheerful nature, its helpful attitude for juniors and its wholehearted participation in all the activities of the college. We will surely miss you immensely. Good luck and may you all be successful and happy in life.[/blockquote]
  • We have always looked up to you for inspiration. You mean so much to us that expressing our emotions on this occasion of your farewell is proving to be a challenging task. We wish you all the best and may God bless you.

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