Emotional Farewell Messages

Emotional farewell messages are written on the occasion of bidding farewell to any person who was intimately and emotionally attached to the sender of the message.

A farewell by itself is a very touching occasion and moreover the farewell of a person very close to us is even more painful; so the words of these messages mean lot more than they say.

Sample Emotional Farewell Messages

  • [blockquote]You have been my idol and whenever I thought of you I got strength to fight an unlikely situation. You have not only been my teacher since standard one till standard ten, you were a mother figure to me as I lost my mother at a young age. I can not believe that you are leaving school and going abroad. [/blockquote]I do not know how I will console myself but I cannot fight for what is inevitable, so take care of yourself and continue to bless me as you always do.
  • [blockquote]Sir, you were the reason and inspiration behind my passion for physics; whatever I have learnt, it is from you and more than just a professor you were the ray of light in my life. But it is also true that the one thing constant in life is change and may be for that reason you are changing base and will part from me for ever. [/blockquote]Keeping my sentiments aside, I wish you all the very best for future.
  • [blockquote]Parting with you is like parting from my soul. You have been my best friend for years and will always be so, and hence it’s hard to bid you goodbye. Do take care of yourself and keep the memories of our friendship afresh.[/blockquote]

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