Employment Farewell Messages

Employment farewell messages are generally written by employees leaving the organization for personal reasons or educational reasons or for joining another job.

Personal contribution made by the employee is highlighted when the colleagues of the employee convey employment farewell messages.

If the employee bids farewell to all the colleagues, managers and co-workers, then the learning and experienced gained during the tenure are highlighted.

Sample Employment Farewell Messages:

  • [blockquote]At your farewell, I would like to personally let you know that you contribution was immense to this organization and I’m sure you will add value wherever you work.[/blockquote]
  • Happy employment farewell. Enjoy your further stints in your career and we hope to see you rising higher and higher in life.
  • [blockquote]Thank you for giving me the opportunity for contributing to various projects and making me one of the important members of the family. I would surely want to keep in touch with you even after going out of the organization.[/blockquote]
  • Many thanks for your continued support and appreciation as I bid farewell to all of you. Hope to see you soon again.
  • [blockquote]As I look forward to new challenges in many career, I would like to appreciate the amount of encouragement you have provided to make me develop in my professional and personal life.[/blockquote]

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