Farewell and Best Wishes Messages

At the time of farewell of a person, he is sent with good wishes for his future prospects and is greeted with a cheerful adieu. This can be done by the exchange of messages that are called as farewell and best wishes messages.

These messages are written to a person on his farewell to send him best wishes for his coming future.

Sample Farewell and Best Wishes Messages

  • As you move on with your life in a better work place, we bid you farewell and loads of best wishes so that you can win the hearts in the new company as well like you did here.
  • Farewell is surely not a good thing, but we will gladly give you so as we are immensely happy on your success to grab such a prestigious job. Go ahead my friend with all my best wishes and support for a better career!
  • As you come to an end of your professional life, please accept my earnest best wishes and a farewell token that will remind you of some of the best moments we had spent here. Good Luck!
  • We bid you farewell to a new country for a brighter future; may the academics help you to grow as a person from heart and brain as well! Happy journey and best of luck!
  • I’m heartbroken ever since I heard that you will leave me all alone and I would not have any friend to share my feelings from today. However, remembering the good times, I bid you farewell for a happier life ahead in the new city. Wish you all the luck!
  • Please accept my best wishes as you leave the neighborhood within a week; although it’s hard to bid good bye as we shared some of the best times together!
  • I can’t stop you on your farewell but can send my heartiest wishes for your future. May you overcome every obstacle of your life and achieve your marked goal. Goodbye and I will always miss your presence.
  • [blockquote]As you are quitting this workplace and heading towards a new beginning, we all send you our best wishes for the same. Your presence and support would be greatly missed by all of us. Goodbye and hoping to stay in touch always.[/blockquote]
  • As today is your farewell day, I do not want to miss an opportunity to let you know that you were really valued! I wish this farewell was a temporary moment. Best wishes for your newer opportunities and stay in touch!
  • [blockquote]It is very difficult to bid farewell to you but we won’t stop you because the new doors are waiting for you. Best wishes to you.[/blockquote]

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