Farewell Greeting Card Messages For Boss

The farewell of a boss is an occasion of nostalgia for every employee. A boss trains, a boss teaches and a boss prepares every employee to become a better professional. Thus when a boss leaves work and takes farewell, the best way to express your thoughts and give your greetings is through a greeting card message. Such messages are known as farewell greeting card messages for boss and must express the feelings of the sender in a precise way. A few examples of such messages are provided below for your reference.

Sample Farewell Greeting Card Messages For Boss


  • As you are leaving us dear sir, my heart is filled with nostalgia of the days gone past. I have spent 7 years working under you and you had become a part of my life. I wish you good luck for your life ahead and hope that you will keep in touch.
  • Dear boss, I may not have been the most ideal employees to supervise but surely respect you a lot and have learnt a lot from you in the 2 years of our association. You will be missed by all of us. Happy farewell.
  • Best wishes on farewell to the most amazing boss ever! It was a pleasure to work under your guidance dear sir. I will always remember the invaluable lessons that you have taught me and how you have helped me become a better professional.
  • I will miss you a lot dear sir. Your farewell news is something that has made me sad but I do hope that you have a great life ahead.
  • May god bless you with peace, may god bless you with success in all your future endeavors. Happy farewell to the coolest boss in the world.
  • If all the bosses were like you, the world will be a much better place for employees. Hope you make the most of your coming years dear boss.
  • Respected sir, the way you have guided me in my professional life is something that I cannot even thank you enough for.  I will miss you when you leave the office and will always work on your advice and lessons. Good bye sir.
  • Bidding goodbye to someone who has taught me everything I know about this job is a hard task to do. Thus I write this message to tell you that you will be missed. Have a great life ahead sir.

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