Farewell Messages for CEO

Farewell messages for CEO are the messages that are sent to say goodbye to a company’s CEO on his farewell and send your good wishes for his healthy future.

These are the messages framed with deepest feelings of respect for the CEO to express your gratitude and honor at the time of his farewell. The messages cheerfully bid a goodbye on behalf of the sender.

Sample Farewell Messages for CEO

  • A CEO like you is a blessing for employees like us and we are sad to hear that you are leaving us. May you have a great life ahead.
  • We all wish you a very happy retired life. We are proud to have worked under a CEO like you. We will all miss you a lot sir.
  • Though it is time to say goodbye to you sir we all are feeling very heavy in our hearts as you leave our company. You have been a wonderful CEO to work under.
  • Even though you were the CEO of our company you knew every single person and their issues personally and that is why we are so attached to you and don’t feel like saying goodbye to you dear sir. May all your dreams come true.
  • It is with utmost respect and regard that we bid farewell to you and don’t know if we will be able to share the same relationship with any other CEO as we did with you. On your farewell we wish to thank you for all your support and guidance.
  • Sending our warm wishes and love on your farewell dear sir. We and this company will miss their CEO a lot.
  • [blockquote]I feel lucky and proud at the same time to have worked under such a professional CEO like you. It is so painful to bid you adieu. May this farewell has in store many good opportunities for you; Sir we will always miss you. Goodbye![/blockquote]
  • Having a CEO like you is a blessing to a company and its employees. A hardest thing is to bid you with goodbyes. Sir, you will be forever remembered for your hard works, guidance and achievements, working under you was a pleasant experience. Goodbye!
  • [blockquote]Bidding adieu would have been a little less saddening if I had another CEO in place of you. You were a true mentor and a motivator for us for everything that we used to do. We will all miss you. Goodbye sir![/blockquote]

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