Farewell Messages for School Students

For a school, the students are its integral part. After a student completes his high schooling, messages are sent to bid him a cheerful adieu and send him good luck wishes for the best future.

Such messages are called as farewell messages for school students. These messages are written by the school faculty to its students.

Sample Farewell Messages for School Students

  • Students form the heart of a school and your batch has been a favorite for all of us. Today you all are ready to dive into the new opportunities of life and career, we bid you farewell with our choicest blessings and love.
  • We stand here remembering these long years when we nurtured, loved, cared, taught and made you what you are today. Good bye students, as its time for you to fly on your own now venturing the new possibilities in life!
  • The life ahead has many things in store for you – success, prosperity, happiness, satisfaction and lots of knowledge. Here is a good bye message for you my dear students with immense blessings and love!
  • We will miss you every day in our classes, labs, auditoriums and fields; but we will know that each of you are doing the best in life as it’s what we molded you for! Farewell students, best wishes for coming days!
  • Spending 10 long years with you all have been such a memorable journey. But now we have to part and you will have to learn to move on your own. We wish you good bye with lots of blessings and good wishes.
  • [blockquote]I have never got such a good batch as yours. Teaching you was always a great fun. I am glad that I was a class teacher of students like you. All the very vest for your career prospects.[/blockquote]
  • On your farewell, dear students, we wish you good luck for your higher studies. You have really outshined our institute with your hard work and achievements.
  • [blockquote]Since this is your farewell, I just want to say that it was a lovely experience being your class teacher. We wish you all the best so that you experience a proud name for yourself.[/blockquote]
  • Dear students, May each one of you are blessed with a brighter and a successful future after your schooling. All the best.
  • [blockquote]Wishing our students a happy and a cheerful farewell. May you all dream and reach high to fulfill your ambitions. All the best![/blockquote]

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