Farewell Messages to Boss Retirement

A boss of the company is a most respected person of an organization. His retirement from his post is greatly missed by all the employees working under him.

Farewell messages to boss retirement are such messages that are full of respect and are sent with a sad feeling to bid goodbye to company’s boss.

Sample Farewell Messages to Boss Retirement

  • [blockquote]Respected boss, on your retirement, we wish that you be surrounded with healthy and wealthy moments. Since you are bidding us an adieu, we all wish that may all your dreams come true. [/blockquote]This company was blessed to have a boss like you, Have a happy retirement life, it is the time to sit back and relax and enjoy your life with the feeling so fresh and new.
  • [blockquote]We will remember your guidance, works and wisdom throughout our life. You were the perfect boss an employee can get in his life. It was because of your motivation and faith that we managed to rise. On your retirement, we wish that you experience cheerful moments with your children and wife. [/blockquote]We are going to miss your presence forever; we wish you stay healthy and wealthy ever after.
  • It was a lifetime experience having worked under such a professional boss like you. You were the one who was always there to make all my dreams true. Since you are retiring from this workplace, I sincerely hope that you stay happy and satisfied all through. I am really going to miss you. Have a blessed life, congratulations for your retirement life.
  • It was a lifelong experience to work under the guidance of a great mentor like you. Sir, on your retirement, I want to tell you that I respect you a lot and I will deeply miss the teachings provided by you. Wishing you a best future ahead.
  • Having a boss like you was the best part of this company. Saying you goodbye is really saddening as no one can ever replace you. May GOD bless you with a very happy retirement life. Thank you for everything that you provided to me during this journey.
  • [blockquote]A progress of a person in his workplace is greatly dependent upon the supervision that I get. It was my luckiest experience to have a boss like you. [/blockquote]Sir, you made our working atmosphere so favorable and enjoyable that we won’t be able to fill the void that would be created after you. Good luck for your next phase of life!

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